[WIP] Web Site Builder

I started working on a Web Site Engine. All the website is generated from an XML file, which allow to change the Database architecture.

Here is the DTD :

The administration part is generated from this XML file and the public part read the database.

All the security is managed by rights for each user like ‘all access’, ‘access to admin part’ , ….

I made a ‘CustomServlet’ class which filter every user input with regular expression to parse any string and know if it’s a text, a url, a phone number, a ip, a json , etc…… This class check too is the user is allow to be here by getting all his rights and comparing it with the rights the page ask.

I am looking for a nice wordpress plug in to display the code of the filter function but i cannot find a good one. If you know one , please tell me 🙂

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