Tensorflow-gpu on Windows10 – Tutorial

Introduction We are going to install tensorflow-gpu from scratch on a Windows 10 machine. You will find all the right version numbers. All the traps to dodge. All the solutions to the problems I encountered. My system is: Windows 10 64 Nvidia GeForce 1070 Installing everything Python You need Python3.5.4. Go to https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-354rc1/ I downloaded the Windows … Read more

Gem – Ruby – Probability Statistics Methods

As I was learning Ruby and was going over my statistics methods. I feel like I should build a gem to give the Array class of the statistics and probability methods it deserves ! And here it is : rubygems ! The gem is called math_statistics_array_methods. If you want to participate here is the git repo: GitLab. Let … Read more