[Graph Theory] Graph Coloring and Chromatic Polynomial

Introduction This article is a simple explanation on how to find the chromatic polynomial as well as calculating the number of color: f() This equation is what we are trying to solve here. G is the Graph and is the number of color available. If you remember how to calculate derivation for function, this is the same … Read more

Tensorflow-gpu on Windows10 – Tutorial

Introduction We are going to install tensorflow-gpu from scratch on a Windows 10 machine. You will find all the right version numbers. All the traps to dodge. All the solutions to the problems I encountered. My system is: Windows 10 64 Nvidia GeForce 1070 Installing everything Python You need Python3.5.4. Go to https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-354rc1/ I downloaded the Windows … Read more

Javascript | Chaos game | Come play with it!

Here is a project, The Brains have been working on. This is hosted on Github, using the Github Pages. It runs entirely on the client side, as everything is in Javascript. The inspiration We wanted to make our own implementation. Links You can play with it, here. And see more information about it, here. Check out … Read more

Ideas – 7h3 Br41n5 – Github repo – Brainstorming

Few weeks ago, I had the idea of using GitHub to store, update and share ideas. I created an organisation on GitHub called The Brains or 7h3 Br41n5. Here is the link: The-Brains Also, I created the Ideas repo: The-Brains/Ideas. As you can see in the README, anyone can add, contribute and use those ideas. It is convenient … Read more

Metric – Worldwide Buying Power – Normalizing wealth

I invented a new metric because I was thinking last time how hard it is to compare income worldwide and be able to know if life would be better somewhere else. If you earn more but the cost of life is higher, what is the point of moving there ?! So what about a metric … Read more

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