Javascript | Chaos game | Come play with it!

Here is a project, The Brains have been working on. This is hosted on Github, using the Github Pages. It runs entirely on the client side, as everything is in Javascript. The inspiration We wanted to make our own implementation. Links You can play with it, here. And see more information about it, here. Check out … Read more

Ideas – 7h3 Br41n5 – Github repo – Brainstorming

Few weeks ago, I had the idea of using GitHub to store, update and share ideas. I created an organisation on GitHub called The Brains or 7h3 Br41n5. Here is the link: The-Brains Also, I created the Ideas repo: The-Brains/Ideas. As you can see in the README, anyone can add, contribute and use those ideas. It is convenient … Read more

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