Javascript | Chaos game | Come play with it!

Here is a project, The Brains have been working on. This is hosted on Github, using the Github Pages. It runs entirely on the client side, as everything is in Javascript. The inspiration We wanted to make our own implementation. Links You can play with it, here. And see more information about it, here. Check out … Read more

[TamperMonkey] Youtube Subscription: Button to scroll to last viewed

If you don’t know TamperMonkey, it is a chrome extension to run javascript scripts for specific webpage. You can, like that, modify a webpage to add features or remove annoying behaviors. I follow a lot of youtube channels ( more than 100 ) and that means I have a lot of new videos to watch … Read more


This project was a training for JEE, JSON and Javascript. There is only one page, no loading. Everything is made with ajax , servlet and javascript.   Features : nice display of json, edit, add, remove then update to get back the raw json text and its a web WAR file so you can deploy … Read more

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