This project was a training for JEE, JSON and Javascript. There is only one page, no loading. Everything is made with ajax , servlet and javascript.   Features : nice display of json, edit, add, remove then update to get back the raw json text and its a web WAR file so you can deploy … Read more

[WIP] Web Site Builder

I started working on a Web Site Engine. All the website is generated from an XML file, which allow to change the Database architecture. Here is the DTD : The administration part is generated from this XML file and the public part read the database. All the security is managed by rights for each user … Read more

Course Enroll Web app (2012)

I worked this year on a course enrollement web application in JEE.   Here is the menu : This page is generated dynamicaly in function of the right you have to access on each page. Moreover, the website can support multiple language, because I coded a system with a XML which contains all the texts. … Read more

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